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Many of you are here because you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian’s waist training corset. How does the world’s most famous Armenian-American get such sexy curves? It’s important to note that Kim K doesn’t actually sell her own corset. Instead, she advertises the waist trainers from Waist Gang Society. Premadonna, is the founder of Waist Gang Society, currently the largest supplier in the USA with many customers in the UK. The first thing you need to is that here Waist Gang waist trainers are manufactured by Ann Chery in Colombia and rebranded under her own label. Ann Chery is the leading waist training company based in Colombia, in fact, it was one of the 5 first companies in Colombia. Since their start (33 years ago) they have always been the leading waist training brand, which is understandable due to the exceptional quality of their waist trainers. All of the listed Ann Chery waist trainers are really good but have different functions, it all comes down to what functions you are looking for. Hopefully our Waist Training Hints and Tips guide will give you a better perspective on what waist trainer that you are looking for. Waist Trainers that keep you sexy and confident, as seen on Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Blacc Chyna, Trina, Amber Rose and more. Kim K has posted a few pictures of herself on Instagram working out in a waist clincher, supplied to her by Waist Gang Society. She claims to wear the corset for 6 weeks at a time to enjoy powerful weight loss benefits and sculpted curves.

#TBT I stay waist training! LOL I found this old pic on my computer! Thanks @premadonna87 @waistgangsociety

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Over the last year, photos of celebrities “waist training” have become a hot topic on social media. What is this corset-like contraption snatched around your midsection and why is everyone now following the trend from Khloe Kardashian to Amber Rose and obsessed with it? According to PreMadonna "it’s a unique and efficient way to help women shed unwanted inches and feel good about themselves — no diet and exercise required".
Not just young women but older women as well who are saying they couldn’t afford surgery and didn’t think in a million years their waist would shrink down. Ann chery waist waist shapers are the most effective high compression workout trainers that boosts thermal activity during exercise while ensuring strong midsection support. Instantly slims waistline by 1-4 inches. See the full range of Ann Chery products here!


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