Colombian Latex Waist Shapers and Trainers

We stock high quality waist training corsets and shapewear in the UK. Our corsets are made in Colombia and Brazil and come in 2 row, 3 row. UK Next day delivery and local pickup available. A lot of fashion-conscious women are looking for the best product that will allow them to lose weight and achieve the hourglass figure they want. Now, the secrets to obtaining a sleeker and slimmer waist line are no longer a secret. Coke Bottle Cartel UK is pleased to reveal the ultimate range of the highest quality shapewear solutions that will enable every woman to remain sexy and beautiful. We offer a comprehensive range of products beneficial for those looking for the “Coke Bottle Shape” curves. No matter what occasion or event you want to attend, you can now have the confidence you need that will allow you to stand above the crowd. Many celebrities have testified about the impressive results that these products have provided. You do not have to spend large amounts of cash just to get the body shape you want! Buy our waist training cincher now! We are an authorised stockist of Ann Chery, Ann Michell Fajas, TruFigure & MariaE brand Authentic Colombian Waist Training Shapewear, Luxury Waist Shapers, Cinchers, Corsets, Caffeine Creams and Slimming Gels. We import direct from the manufacturers so that we can ascertain the true authenticity of the products. The Celebrity secret is out and now women everywhere are raving about the "Coke Bottle Shape" curves. Whatever the occasion or look, your size or shape, we carry a selection of shapewear solutions. Wether you are looking to manage your mid-section, round your bottom or bounce back from your total pregnancy body, here is the break through that you have been waiting for. We encourage a healthy lifestyle including eating clean and regular exercise as an enhancement to our products and to help you not only look, but feel amazing. We have fast established ourselves as the UK's No.1 supplier with a reputable and reliable online store. When you shop with Coke Bottle Cartel UK you will receive high quality products, and garments made with only the best designs and materials. If you want to know more about our product, please feel free to visit


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